Stop Common Core Curriculum

About the Stop the National Common Core Power Grab: Reclaim Local Control of Education DVD video.

The video:
•Explains the origin of the Common Core – its genesis with private, progressive education interests in Washington, DC – and how the federal government imposed it on the states by tying its adoption to a chance at Race to the Top grants.
•Demonstrates that by adopting the Common Core, a state relinquishes its control over what is taught in its schools and paves the way for a national curriculum designed by unaccountable entities in Washington.
•Explains that the standards not only lack “rigor,” but in fact will diminish the education our children receive in English language arts and mathematics.
•Outlines the problems with the national tests that are being designed – behind closed doors – to align with the Common Core.
•Shows why the costs of implementing the Common Core will dwarf any federal grants received as a reward for adopting the standards.
•Reveals the federal dictates to build massive student-data systems so that students can be individually tracked from preschool through career – all in the name of producing “workers” who can “compete in the global economy.”

Simply put, the Common Core is designed to replace local and parental control over education with centralized, top-down control. The purpose is to train students for jobs, not educate them to be full, thoughtful citizens in our democratic republic. If we do not take action now to prevent this destructive experiment on our children, it will be too late.

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  • I was just sent this Stop Common Core Curriculum from a friend. Not a supporter of the No Child Left Behind or the Race to the Top. I want to talk with the Lady on this video. It is everything I believe in my gut to be. Take control of our children through the schools and raise a society that can be controlled by the Feds.. Scary is all I can think of. Please contact me so I can be further informed on the Agenda that is geared to poison our children. What can I do to stop this? Is it to late?

    Rep Terri Lynn Weaver

    • I just viewed the video: ” reclaim local control of education DVD” . Is it possible that I could purchase this video for family use or gatherings to get people to understand what Common Core is? We must get more people to have the knowledge they need to understand it. Thank you.

  • I would like to know more of what I can do to stop this???

  • Watch Glen Beck common core show. Very destructive

  • This is nothing more than control of our children, and a pathway to Socialism-Communism! This must be stopped! I don’t want my kid learning anything but Capitalism & freedom and the Constitution! This is just a bribe from the gov. To the states by the progressives!
    Please Stop this program!

  • There are three of us here in Laurel, Mt who are running for School Board, mostly because of Glenn Beck’s recent programing.
    We are trying to gleen as much info in as short of time possible. What would be your suggestions for a fast track to learning this. Also, our State Legislature is in session for two more weeks and then will not convene until 2015. How to best get their attention the soonest.
    Thank you
    Dale Blom

  • What can be done to put a stop to this evil government take over ofour children,grandchildren, greatgrandchildren that Obama has slipped through without it going before Senate or Congress.

  • I just forwarded this link to all my friends and relatives. God Help Us.

  • Commoncore is another elitist stronghold on the American economy, its does nothing for children or parent, teachers it is designed to once again line the pockets of big business and an attempt to indoctrinate our children to believe government is the answer when in fact gov. is morally corrupt and promotes communism within. You would think the so called best and brightest wouldn’t need 5 year old children to enforce an agenda that adults refuse to accept. Get a job you bums

  • This is what Hitler did with the German youth (Youth Core). This program is based on his system to brain wash and control the young Germans from kendergarden up through Universities. He took control of them and the parents had no say or they would have been put in jail or worse. Look it up about Hitler and his book he wrote, while in jail, prior to his rise to dictatorship. A lot of this falls on the shoulders of the parents. Get envolve at your state level and network with other parents. Make calls, email, write letters to your district reps. What ever it takes. Originally this is why we had PTA’s (Parent and Teacher Associations). The parents knew what curriculum that was being tought to their children , if their children were doing well or not, and if the books they were reading and learning from were truthful and NOT filled with communist propaganda. WAKE UP PARENTS, THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT – NOW!

  • Thank you!! I live in Fernley,nv. I really want to stop this. Thanks for the information.

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