ACTION ALERT: Georgia HB520 Substitute Bill – Dangerous And Corrupt

Today is Sine Die in Georgia, the most dangerous day of the year for your pocketbook and your liberties.  This is the final day of the legislative session when the backroom deals and last minute changes are rammed down the throat of Georgia citizens.

Latest word is that the House has agreed to a modified HB520 bill even though it was never voted on in the Senate committee.  Everyone needs to call Lt. Governor Burt Jones and tell him to NOT suspend the rules and table the bill.   Call now (404) 656-5030.

As we’ve previously reported, this bill is a trojan horse for the sponsor Representative Todd Jones to financially benefit his company Talitrix.  If that is not bad enough for you, it violates the Georgia in a number of ways.  See the story here

As expected, we knew this was how it was going to go down.  The Georgia leadership has done this to the citizens numerous times.  In addition to calling the Lt. Governor, call your state representative and senator and let them know how you feel about it. Ask them to vote NO on any modified HB520.  Also, be on the lookout for parts to be tacked onto other bills.

To find your House Representative and Senator, go to My Voter Page

Pay special attention to the third video  below (18 minutes). It is a side by side comparison of the Talitrix sales pitch by Rep. Jones to the Tennessee Senate compared with the explicit language in HB520.  Thanks to Hank Sullivan, for his investigation and analysis. 

HB520, Likely Most Dangerous Bill Ever Considered by Georgia Legislature
Lawmakers think no more dangerous than “Peeing in a cup”

Hank Sullivan
Mar 26

As long as I have been paying attention to legislation annually proposed during the Georgia General Assembly, I have never seen a bill more dangerous to the people of Georgia, and possibly even America, than HB520, this years’ mental health bill. Interestingly enough, however, should you travel to the capitol and speak with legislators, an overwhelming number would have no idea what you are talking about. And if they have an inkling, they’d likely be shaking their heads, kinda squinting their eyes at you, you know, looking at you funny like you’re the one who’s mentally ill. Last week, one committee chairman, as it seems, decided I might be dangerous, and carefully positioned a State Patrol officer next to the podium at which citizens speak, maybe thinking I’d start an insurrection at Georgia’s Capitol or something. It’s on the video below.

If you have read my Substack over the past few weeks, you will recall several articles I have devoted to explaining the problems I see with HB520. But until I had two state senators, independent of each other, tell me HB520 was no more dangerous than having people pee in a cup to show they were clean of drugs and alcohol, I never imagined that I would devote my weekend to put everything together that I have, which you can now read and watch. It’s not like I don’t have stuff to do.

When the second senator said that to me, inspiration for a path to demonstrate what I had been trying to convey for the previous several weeks soon popped into my head. And if you spend a little time to read and watch the videos I provide here, then I expect you will not only see what I see, but also become as outraged as I am that anyone would have proposed this horribly dangerous bill to become law. This is America, not communist China. Our politicians need to start acting that way.

As of this moment, HB520 has been changed in certain ways from what you might see in the video. People I trust tell me the bill will not advance any further this year. Others, however, tell me that various interested parties might try to place two bills together to get them both passed. Either way, that does not excuse the fact that legislators representing people from all around Georgia sponsored a bill like HB520, which passed the House with only three dissenting votes, to go on to the Senate. Regardless which way it might go, so that anyone might think twice before trying this again, this evening I’m sharing with you all that the House bill 520 provides.

Below I’m going to post three videos. The first video is my first testimony before the Senate Health and Human Services (HHS) Subcommittee about two weeks ago. Minutes prior to that testimony, those who came to speak were informed they would be limited to 120 seconds, hardly enough time to work up a good sneeze. I suppose it was my testimony that day which prompted the chairman to bring in the State Patrol to stand within an arm’s length of the presenters during the second day. But perhaps I give myself too much credit.

In keeping, the second video is of my second testimony, approximately a week later, same committee, same room, but this time with the State Patrol officer flanking the speakers to our right. He seemed like a nice fellow. It was a few minutes prior to that when the HHS subcommittee chairman made it a point to try to convince anyone paying attention that the term, “monitoring,” laced throughout the bill, was innocuous, and simply meant someone might have to “pee in a cup.” Maybe you agree with me that now is not the time to start trusting what our government tells us about such things. Thus, when I began my testimony I asked the chair to read from the bill the definition of that term being to releave one’s self in a cup, he could not do it, becoming visibly perturbed, but thankfully contained. That’s a good thing. I would have hated to ask the patrolman to intervene. I expect the chairman knew I made a valid point, that “monitoring” individuals under a court order could mean any number of things, depending on who the interpreter of the law might be. And as you will see on the video, for the second day in two weeks, I was silenced from speaking truth to those who really needed to hear it. Those running the meeting should have let me speak, and deeply consider what I had to tell them. But, hey, its all good. Now I know even more, and you will too. Because people in power refused to allow the truth to be heard, hard truth that it might be, that fact rallied my energies to perform the work it has taken to put all this together.

And so, the third video is the one I really want you to consider. I hope you to listen carefully as I compare the contents of a Talitrix sales presentation given to a Tennessee Senate subcommittee, against the contents, authorities and purposes of HB520. The sales presentation was given in September 2021 by then Georgia Representative Micah Gravely and Representative Todd Jones, patent holder of the Talitrix monitoring device and primary sponsor of HB520. If you listen and pay a modicum of attention, you will discover that the technology and capabilities of the Talitrix monitoring device are the very same as those specified and required in HB520, word-for-word. And because there is really no other product on the market that performs the functions the bill requires, and because the patent holder is also the sponsor of the bill, we can know with high certaintly that the bill is written to create various markets for the product, fund the product’s purchase at a statewide level, and even immunize the sponsor’s company, Talitrix, from civil or criminal liability.

Even so, everything I just laid out does not necessarily make HB520 dangerous. To understand why that is, you will have to watch the video.

Finally, lest anyone think this is fun, while I do find it interesting, and I pray rewarding for Americans who love their country and the blessings of freedom, it is not fun or what I wish to do. I don’t like exposing all this. I bear no ill will toward any of these people. I just see that it is necessary for us all to do what we can if we are to halt the corporatization of our government, and stop the tyrants from overthrowing our country. I’m just relating facts here, and reasoning from what those facts tell me. Therefore, if you appreciate the time and energy it took to put all of this together, let me ask you to please share it as best you can with your friends and those who might see it on social media. One more person seeing the truth could make an enormous difference. That’s how God works.

Thank you.

Click to watch first day testimony
Click to watch second day testimony and remarks from committee chairman
Video comparing Talitrix sales presentation to HB520

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