Agenda 21

Agenda 21: Explained

Here is a detailed presentation on what is really in Agenda 21 and the sustainable development movement as defined by the UN.  How it will ultimately compromise your property rights..

Regionalism: Threat to the Republic

The citizens of Georgia will be voting on a Regional Transportation Referendum on July 31st.  Some people call it the TIA or T-SPLOST for Transportation Special Purpose Local Options Sales Tax.  Actually, it’s not formally a SPLOST as the money can be shifted among projects on the list.  Whereas in a true county adopted SPLOST, the county must complete all of the projects on the list approved for the referendum.  This Regional Transportation Referendum is for a 1% sales tax on all purchases for 10 years.  The state is divided into 12 regions.  Every county will vote if they want the tax in their region.  From our research, most Georgian’s have not even heard about this referendum.

For Metro Atlanta, not only will the project list not help the congestion problem, if passed, it may permanently prevent us from ever dealing with congestion.  52% of the tax revenue will be used to fund mass transit (bus and rail).  Yet, only 5% of the population uses mass transit.  Many of the projects are underfunded or only partially funded.  You can find out more about the Georgia Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (TIA) and ways to help us stop it here: .

As I’ve been studying this issue more and more, I’ve come to a conclusion regarding the TIA/T-SPLOST.  The most important aspect is that it’s a funding mechanism for Regional Governance which is dangerous in the following ways:
1) It’s another level of bureaucracy
2) Another level of taxes
3) Most important, the decision makers are unelected and unaccountable to the people

So, what you are really voting on is a new form of government that’s contrary to our republican form of government which provides for representation and consent of the govern.  This is the most dangerous aspect of the Transportation Investment Act and it’s not even being discussed.

I just gave a presentation yesterday in Bartow County on Regionalism: Threat to the Republic – How Regionalism and Public Private Partnerships are tearing down constitutionally limited self-government and genuine free market economics.  You can download it here and see a couple of videos on Public Private Partnerships

This is a question for all Georgian’s.  Do you want another layer of state government that’s unelected and unaccountable to the people?



Countering the Delphi Technique

How to Handle Predetermined Consensus Meetings

Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus

Defeating the Delphi Technique

Defeating the Delphi – Step by Step Instructions

Georgia’s New Transportation Law Spells “DANGER AHEAD”

By Diane Cox, 6/8/2012

“The Georgia legislature passed the Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (TIA) requiring a tax referendum on this July’s primary ballot for a 10-year 1% sales tax on everything. Tea Parties across the entire state are waging a David & Goliath battle to defeat the tax against an $8 million PR campaign financed by the Chamber of Commerce cronies. Gullible legislators were influenced to pass the terrible law by lobbyists from the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Urban Land Institute, Policy Link, regional planning and other progressive groups.

The TIA is top-down control and creates Regional Government. The tax referendum will be voted on a regional basis, within the 12 regions in Georgia. If passed in a region, the tax collected is disbursed in Marxist fashion from each county according to its ability, to each county according to its need. They call it “regional equity,” we call it pure socialism.

The law creates a Coordinating Committee for Rural and Human Services Transportation with representatives from eight departments of state government plus subcommittees composed of other government and private groups to oversee and implement cradle-to-grave social service delivery transportation. With most funding for those programs coming from federal sources, these groups would act as regional “soviets” implementing UN Agenda 21 criteria written into all the current grants emanating from HHS, HUD, EPA, USDOT, etc.

“Environmental Justice” and “Social Justice” are new terms emerging in transportation planning and in grant criteria. It is doubtful that most lawmakers and citizens know the meaning of those utopian terms, and are like poor deer in the headlights in front of the giant Regional Government tank barreling down Georgia’s highway.

The TIA is believed to be unconstitutional, as it violates the home rule provisions of the Georgia Constitution. But if the voters approve the tax referendum in July, it will supersede current law, and neuter local governments. The trend toward Regionalism and consolidation of local governments being promoted by the Chamber of Commerce is advancing the concept of Mega-Regions that blur even state lines. Most citizens are currently unaware of the upcoming tax referendum and the radical transformation of government planned for Georgia if it passes.

Contributions to the proponents’ PR campaign come from corporations that would profit from the massive public transit scheme planned for the Atlanta area. Large multi-national corporations like Siemens (mfg. light rail cars) and Caterpillar, and construction and engineering groups are pushing hard for passage of the tax. If passed statewide, it is projected to be a massive 96% increase in transportation spending.

With Georgia already ranked 7th in the nation for transportation infrastructure, but experiencing record bank failures in the greatest recession of our lifetime, it defies logic that a tax increase will improve the state’s condition. Proponents are relying on scare tactics of snarled traffic imagery to convince voters to vote themselves a tax. Or they like to say if we don’t pass this tax we won’t be “competitive in the 21st Century” – how prosaic.

The grassroots tea party groups around the state recognized the danger posed by the TIA over a year ago. They are distributing yard signs, billboards, handouts, and organizing sign-waving protests at busy intersections. Emboldened by the recent win in Wisconsin, tea partyers in Georgia are hoping to ride the anti-tax mood for a landslide defeat of TIA. They’ll also be working to purge their legislature of the Big Government RINOs who passed a law like the terrible TIA.


UNA21: Usurping The US Constitution 1 of 8

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center ( ) introduces Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates ( ) Mr. Shaw speaks on the UN cancer destroying the United States from within called Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. Whether called Sustainable Development, Comprehensive Planning, Smart Growth, Sustainable Communities, Growth Management, Community Planning, Visioning, 2020 or similar names. These programs were birthed out of the United Nations with sinister goals being implemented nation-wide intended to take our property rights and the freedoms that are associated. The environmental movement was hijacked several decades ago by globalists with “saving the ecosystem” as their MO and catalyst for achieving their goal. Please share with your family, friends, local government officials, school board members, and the like as the vast majority have absolutely no idea the hidden motives. A spotlight needs to illuminate this UN initiative for global governance. Please become active and go to your local community planning commission meetings and make sure they are not bringing in outside “experts” for smart growth. Learn the DELPHI TECHNIQUE these so-called experts are using to form a ‘consensus’ among you participates therefore giving you the illusion you helped craft their predetermined plans. These outside “experts” usually are associated with groups like The Sierra Club or similar “environmental” groups. Their aims are for a Collective/Socialism top down global system where the elite rule over the remaining serfs. Go to the official UNEP website for more scary information.

This is the first of five in a series under the heading of UNA21. These videos are very eye opening designed to educate the citizens.
– UNA21: Usurping The US Constitution –
– UNA21: The Evil Smart Growth Fraud –
– UNA21: New US Education Goal is Dumb & Dumber –
– UNA21: Sustainable Development Manipulation –
– UNA21: Summarizing Sustainable Development –

To see all five videos in their uninterrupted entirety go to ( )

UN Agenda 21, US Education Goal: Dumbing Down America

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center ( ) introduces Michael Chapman of Ed Watch ( / ) who gives a detailed account of the brain-washing happening throughout our nations school systems, the revision of history, and the programming of our children in group think, consensus building, and allowing students to define their own truths through “Constructivism”. Does 2 + 2 really equal 4? Ed Watch is shedding light on the cancerous educational curriculum birthed from the United Nations UNESCO being implemented in every school across America. From history revision to misrepresenting the US Constitution there is a purposeful dumbing down of our children under the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Initiative of UNESCO. From ‘Goals 2000’ to ‘No Child Left Behind’ our children are cleverly manipulated to reject God-given rights and American free market principles in favor of government-granted rights while living in the “global village”. Beware of terms such as School-To-Work, Competitive Economic Marketplace, Outcome Based Education, Workforce Investment, and Lifelong Learning. These programs were modeled after the Polytechnical System that came straight out of the old communist eastern block nations where children have their careers already picked out by the ruling elite. ESD aims to help facilitate business labor needs with a “less” knowledgeable workforce. Knowledge and truth are two powerful attributes they wish to bury. The subject matter is not hidden as it is available in the ESD curriculum. I will paraphrase…. “Less knowledge is more favorable for sustainability as more ‘highly’ educated people tend to use more resources”. This is all rooted in the United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development program. It is a complex and far reaching agenda for global governance under the pretense of “saving mother earth” where the youth have to be conditioned for the trampling of the US Constitution. Where the wealthy are subject to lose property rights in the name of social justice or social equity. Here is a link to the UNESCO ESD page –

UN Agenda 21 New US Education : Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.2-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education : Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.3-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education : Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.4-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education: Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.5-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education: Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.6-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education: Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.7-7