Georgia Tea Party Board Member Removed

Now that I’m over the shock and awe of my removal from the Georgia Tea Party, I’d like to go over the charges by the Board of Directors for my removal.  These charges challenge my integrity and reputation and for that reason, I cannot let them go unanswered.  The following is my rebuttal and links to corroborating sources of information.    For the last 3 years I have been an active participant in the tea party movement.  I was one of the co-founders and served on the board of directors for the Georgia Tea Party up till April 15, 2012.  Fitting day, as it was 3 years ago exactly that I along with approximately 20,000 Georgia citizens attended one of the largest Tax Day Tea Party rallies in the country in Atlanta.

On April 15, 2012, I was removed from that Board for a number of charges which can be seen on this original resolution:
GTPI Resolution – Field Searcy.  I did manage to get the Board to strike certain clauses but even if you include those charges, most all appear to be an attempt to censure free thought, stifle honest debate and control the sharing of information.  The GTPI Board indicated that my activities “are not overt, easily identifiable, or readily observable”.  Further, the Board said such actions “were subversive to Georgia Tea Party’s principles and mission” and “have tarnished the reputation we have worked hard to build and discouraged some volunteers from participating in the activities of the Georgia Tea Party”.  Just what is the board saying here?  Is this based on rumor, guessing, or just a feeling?  They have not produced any volunteers that say they were discouraged from participating.  Charges should be based on fact, not some vague innuendo of what might be happening.

This really boils down to prestige, power, and control.  Let’s not ruffle any feathers versus challenging ourselves over what are acceptable established sources of information.  I would challenge anyone to document that I have acted in a manner that was inappropriate or subversive.  I believe the highest law is following the Golden Rule.  I have tried to address each person with a level of dignity and respect. Just because I listen to both mainstream and alternative news sources and share this information is not cause for termination. The whole process of scientific inquiry is to stretch the boundaries of knowledge.  To even insinuate that I’ve done anything to embarrass the board is an atrocity.  I have to defend my integrity against an organization that I love and was a co-founding member of.  It seems that even the Georgia Tea Party Board only believes in individual freedom as long as it falls within their thoughts and desires.

Let’s get into the details of the allegations brought against me:

1) “Discussing topics during volunteer meetings not generally agreed upon by the Board such as so-called “birther” and “truther” theories.” Some of our more controversial conversations occurred at the Marietta Diner after the tea party meetings had adjourned.  Meeting at the diner has been a practice since the founding of our group as a place to fellowship, share, discuss, and debate any topics that might be on our mind. I was able to get the Board to strike this allegation but it stems from the following which have received scant or non-existent coverage from the establishment media:

2)     “Offering for sale publications and/or merchandise not approved by the Board alongside official Georgia Tea Party merchandise, creating an impression of acceptance and approval on the part of the Board.”  This was the result of some extra copies of Whistleblower and Republic magazines which we made available to the volunteers.  An announcement was made to the volunteers with permission that these materials were not GTP approved but that we felt they would be educational to the volunteers.

3)    “The use of official Georgia Tea Party email communications to promote events and topics not discussed or approved by the Board, sometimes in substitution for regular Georgia Tea Party communications.”  I have been sending the weekly email communications for GTP for the last 3 years, not always getting one out every week.  You can see all of the emails sent over the last 3 years here.  In any case, most all of the content sent in those 3 years was never approved by the Board.  There was an incident in March where I sent a dedicated email promoting a gathering of other tea party groups and concerned citizens working on challenging the Georgia Transportation Investment Act Referendum coming up July 31st.  This transportation act will have major taxation and spending implications for Metro Atlanta citizens for decades to come which is one of the key areas of focus for the Georgia Tea Party, see the mission statement, statement of purposes, and operating standards. The main objection here is that the GTPI Board does not want to work with other tea party coalitions.

4)    “Attempting to gain Board approval for the distribution of documents which upon even the most cursory inspection clearly advocate for selecting candidates for public office to the detriment of all others.”  This charge results from a Presidential Voter Guide produced by a tea party in New England.  The guide had extensive links, sources and references on a number of candidate issues.  I had not deeply reviewed the guide but thought it was worth bringing to the attention of the Board to see if we could make it available to our volunteers.  This proposal was rejected by the Board, but in no way was it suggested by me in a ‘subversive’ manner.  The Board agreed to strike this from the Resolution of charges against me.

5)     “Advocating for policies and procedures not only in Board meetings, but directly to volunteers, that would subject Georgia Tea Party to mob rule and eventual takeover from outside forces that do not share Georgia Tea Party’s philosophy or mission.” Well, this statement is partially true.  I did advocate for more control of the Board by volunteers by having open Board positions as well as an Advisory Board filled by persons voted on by the volunteers.  However, I disagree that this would result in mob rule.  My aim with this policy was to give the volunteers a bigger voice in the direction of the Georgia Tea Party.  I have been repeatedly reminded by other board members that volunteers are NOT members of GTP and that GTP is NOT a democracy.  How does that make you feel?

6)   “Actively promoting issues and beliefs derived from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.  It is the opinion of the board that Mr. Jones is not a creditable source, and that he deceives listeners for the purpose of selling his wares.  Field’s activities in this regard include distributing Mr. Jones’ materials as well as linking to his websites through the Georgia Tea Party Facebook account.”  First of all, I’d like to clarify that Mr. Jones makes all of his audio and video content available for free over the Internet.  He’s doing nothing more than Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh when they promote their wares. There is no shame in free market capitalism. The InfoWars website is a news aggregator with content from many alternative and traditional sourcres.  In addition, the Alex Jones Show has daily guests from all across the political spectrum with many varying points of view. The only GTP Facebook post that I know of that linked to the website was the article Virginia House Passes NDAA Nullification 94-6-4.  If you are not familiar with H.R. 1540 National Defense Authorization Act, this act was signed into law by the Administration on New Year’s Eve.  Many legal scholars have concluded that the provisions of the law allow the federal government to arrest and detain U.S. citizens without ‘due process’ until the ‘end of hostilities’ on the order of the Executive Branch.  This article detailed a move by the Virginia House of Delegates that was completely ignored by the establishment media.  That particular post has since been removed from Facebook.  The only Alex Jones material that I distributed were copies of Fall of the Republic and Don’t Tread on Me, which I have been making available for about 2 years.  In fact, the Don’t Tread on Me documentary was previewed in my home with several board members and subsquently shown to the all volunteers at one of the GTP meetings.  Now suddenly, there are issues with this activity?

Up until being removed from the board, at no time did any board member or volunteer approach me with concerns or reasons not to openly discuss or share any information.  So, what here has discouraged the volunteers?  What has damaged the reputation and good name of the Georgia Tea Party? What here is subversive or tarnishes the reputation of the Georgia Tea Party?  Is there anything here that you have not thought about, considered or questioned?  I make it a point to listen to a variety of sources of information such as Alex Jones, Glen Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and George Noori.  In addition, I try to read a variety of mainstream and alternative news sources to seek the truth.  So many of the constitutional violations and egregious actions by government are being completely ignored by the mainstream establishment media.  It is incumbant upon all of us to seek out alternative sources of information through independent investigation and decide for ourselves what is true and what is not.  We must highlight the corruption and deceit either by commission or ommission, if we are ever going to be able to hold government accountable.

This action by the Board cannot take away the pride I feel for all of the good things the Georgia Tea Party has been able to accomplish over the last 3 years.  The mission of the GTP is “to impact public policy by teaching all who seek to learn the principles and spirit of individual liberty and constitutionally limited self-government”.  We’ve encouraged citizens to be actively involved in their local, state and federal government.  From holding weekly volunteer meetings, to rallies, to special sessions with their elected representatives, the Georgia Tea Party is one of the more organized and stronger tea party groups in the country.

GTPI has been at the forefront of educating citizens about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  In fact, recently, one of the most exciting initiatives has been The Marietta Declaration, which seeks to enumerate government abuses of authority that have incrementally diminished the very principles upon which our nation was founded.

The Marietta Declaration “calls on all candidates for the office of President of the United States to support the constitutional role of the Executive as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, and to swear to uphold the Constitution while in office,…”.  Surprisingly, but not unexpected, Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate to sign the document to date.

I will continue to promote liberty, research and seek truth, and provide information to help others learn about current issues facing humanity.  I do believe there is a bright future for mankind if we can become aware of the tyranny that is increasingly being implemented around us.  You can visit my video blog at for more information on U.N. Agenda 21, the Education System, the Money System, State Sovereignty and Global Governance.

Much appreciation to all the volunteers.  I welcome your comments below.


Field Searcy


13 Responses to Georgia Tea Party Board Member Removed

  • Field,

    Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    This is one of the real problems behind all government.

    It surely makes me want to move to Costa Rica – and just pay off the power people to leave me alone.

    It is why I did not get involved in it like you did.

    It is why I have to be the leader.

    So I have the power.

    So instead of fighting to be the leader in a big pond, I stay in my small one, and work on raising the next leaders.

    All the best my friend,


  • I pretty much gave up on the Tea Parties back in 2010 being chastised for being a Birther trying to deal with the most critical and dangerous issue this country has ever faced.

    Once I was told Obama’s eligiblity was of no concern I totally turned my back on the Pom Pom mentality of many of the Leaders thinking this issue can just be ignored or defeated. I truly was in a state of shock that anyone would dare call themselves a Patriot yet tell me to move on to more important matters.

    So those of us who are Birthers remain so and will remain so as this is the issue of crisis in this nation, and it cant be resolved sticking your head in the sand and hoping you can “vote it out” You simply can not put a fresh coat of paint on a dirty surface and expect it to stick.

    I have Grandchildren who may be faced with no future living in a 3rd world country setting, formerly America, it this dangerous Illegal Undocumented Infiltrator Obama is not removed. Impeachment can only happen legally if someone is a Legal POTUS which Obama is not. So I encourage all Patriots to join us. Its never too late to save America and it is worth saving.

    If America collapses the entire world will collapse. The devious infiltration of Obama into our WH has been a long agenda by Communists within our Government and outside of our Government who are our enemies. I dare anyone to say this is not the issue. Many have joined us since 2010 and left the Tea Parties in disgust over the inner bickering and fighting. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

    I am not applying this opinion to all of the Tea Party Groups because I have met many good, descent families who just want our country back, but a majority of these Leaders have failed miserably. If you disagree then tell me why Romney is running on a Republican Ticket and being shoved down our throats. We apparently have no voice. It’s Newt or Obama goes right back in
    illegally again and the radical left knows it. Obama will beat Romney and the left knows it. This dog and pony show of candidates is disgusting and the only one who can pull us out of the ditch is Newt.

    I totally agree that this display by this Tea Party speaks loudly at why the Tea Party moving is sliding down that slippery slope to failure. I personally am done with most of the TP groups. There are 2 that have done well and are sincere and stay the course
    one is Tea Party Patriots in Woodstock, Georgia, and the other is a group in Virginia who are very sincere in this fight to save this country so my hat is off to those 2 groups, however the national groups have obviously been corrupted & I will no longer
    work with them. They are off my list of True Patriots in this country.

  • Field, you are very knowledgeable and have done a lot of great work in defense of our liberty. I hope that you will continue to stay focused and positive as you have in the past. We need you in the fight against tyranny that is spreading across our country almost daily. Thanks for all you have done and will conintue to do.

  • To the remnants of the Georgia Tea Party Board,
    Having lived through the events of the last couple of weeks I feel compelled to respond to what I feel is a total injustice to the Tea Party Movement. I initially had no words for the egregious manner and irreverent actions you took to displace such a patriot as Field. While I have not been in the forefront of the Georgia Tea Party activities, I assure you I have been engaged by my unwavering support of Field’s lifelong work. You cannot say you are his friend or you would have taken the time to truly understand the depth and breadth of his knowledge and understanding. It is his curious and open minded nature that draws other patriots to him. He has always believed that it is through consultation, especially those with different views, that the truth will be revealed. Well the truth has been revealed about the remaining members of the Board and it is a sad day.

    I have been aware since the beginning that Field was disappointed at the lack of inclusion of the “volunteers” in board activities. He truly believes in – we the people, one Nation under God, indivisible in pursuit of liberty, and justice for everyone. The message you repeatedly sent was it is fine for the volunteers to do your bidding but they are not good enough to sit at your table .Perception is everything. You have set up your own kingdom to purse your own agenda. The fact that you only want to represent Cobb County and not work cohesively with other Tea Party groups is just example of how you want to control your own corner of the world with disregard of what really needs to be done for our Nation. Can you get much further away from what the Tea Party movement should be about? You can say you listened but listening without sincerity and action is why this country is in such a mess and why the supporters have grown restless. It grieves me to realize the Georgia Tea Party has become just one more impotent group to be manipulated by other powers.

    What you don’t know is that I wanted Field to leave the Tea Party for over a year. He saw the transition from a vital active group to one of self-serving actions. However, his position was to see it through his term, continue to promote unity, diversity, pursuit of liberty, and in general not to give up on the other board members. He believed in you and had hope that the board could grow to be better. It is such a sham that you accuse Field of not wanting to work with the board when you know very well it was select number of power grabbing board members who initiated the mutiny.

    Field embodies the mission of the Tea Party. He was and is very clear in his knowledge of the bylaws-especially since he was a founding member. He is a gentle giant who has never turned away from his personal mission to restore integrity and truth to this Nation. If you cannot work with Field, I doubt there is anyone of equal measure that you can put on the board. You decided to close your mind and closed the door on one of your most dedicated board members. I don’t know how you can function without feeling considerable shame and regret.

    Field and I have both been encouraged by the outpour of love and support by the volunteers and members other grass root organizations fighting for the great cause of liberty. We are encouraged that the other true patriots will march on. I struggle with my feelings about what the final end result should be for the Georgia Tea Party. On the other hand Field and I do not plan to waste time or lose any more sleep over the ridiculous accusations (which by the way make you sound foolish) and actions of the now current board. We will march on without you. But rest assured if the Georgia Tea Party manages to stay afloat after this fiasco, we will work to see that you adhere to the mission you so callously manipulated.

    A Patriot’s wife,
    Polly A. Searcy

    “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. “ Thomas Jefferson (US President, author of the Declaration of Independence)

  • Field. I support you. In the 20 plus years I’ve known you, I can say that when it comes to Freedom, Democracy, Liberty and Government, that you have stood for Freedom and Liberty and have encouraged others to be informed. I have become informed largely because of you. Without knowledge you can’t stand for Freedom. You must know the tactics of tyrants and you must know and understand the paths to Freedom around those tactics.

    Sadly, silencing opposition is one of the tactics of tyrants. It appears the GTP board has embraced such a tactic. Shame on them! Power Corrupts!

    Excluding volunteers from more formal involvement is usury of the worst sort. If the GTP Board believes in truth at all, maybe they will believe scriptural truth.

    1) Regarding Information: Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, ….”

    2) Regarding Volunteer involvement: 1Corinthians 9:9 “For it is written in the law of Moses, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn. Is it for the oxen that God careth,” And: 1Timothy 5:18 “For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn. And, The laborer is worthy of his hire.” Those who do the work are worthy to be involved and to sit at the table of decision.

    I am very saddened by all of this. It appears the GTP is now embracing the the philosophies of the left: 1) Silence all those with differing ideas, 2) attack their character, 3) divide and rule, 4) hold on to power with a death grip, 5) exclude others, 6) serve yourself. And Field’s efforts appear to only be to encourage others to be informed.

    Look at the division caused by removing a founder of the organization. THE GTP does not have a monopoly on Freedom and Liberty nor on the thoughts and ideas that will preserve it. Listening to the many ideas on how best to promote freedom would be a wise tactic.

  • Field…
    Thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic educational presentation: Agenda 21: Global to Local. I took a survey this morning from some of those at the Georgia 400 Tea Party Patriots meeting and there was not one negative comment.

    It is evident that the GTP is afraid of the truth and I suspect your knowledge intimdated them. Your freedom from the GTP is a huge positive for those of us in other T Ps. One door shuts and another opens…the fact you drove all the way from Cobb County to Dahlonega tells me you are a Patriot and your information was absolutely inclusive.

    GT P lost and their reputation is worst than tarnished. Am glad you aired their “puppet circus” and you refused to let them pull your strings!!!!!!!!!!! Polly you have a brave American Patriot for a husband.

    From me, you will get nothing but positive recomendations for your ethics and knowledge…God Bless…Peggy

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